“We want you to enjoy your time with us. When you leave we want you to look and feel your best.”
– Tamara Ehlert, MD

The approach of Dr. Ehlert ‘s team is both personal and comprehensive:

As a New Patient you’ll find that our first goal is to get to know you as we also find out what it is about your appearance you’d like to address. To serve you better it helps us to know what your life is like, how quickly you need results, if there is an event you’re preparing for, what you’ve had done in the past and what your goals are in coming to us now.

Once we understand what you’d like to achieve, we tell you about the options that are available to you and together, you, Dr. Ehlert and her nurses create a plan designed to address both your short term goals such as “look good for my son’s wedding” and your long-term goals like “age gracefully”. We call this Customized Care.

Finally, we want to help you maintain a healthy, attractive appearance at every stage of life. This means we regularly check in with you to re-evaluate your priorities and modify your care plan accordingly. We know that your needs can change and new treatment options and technology are constantly being developed. Our goal is to keep you looking your best, every day and at every age. We call this Ongoing Care.