Customized Care

You aren’t a number to us. Our goal is to get to know you, discover what it is about your appearance you wish to improve or maintain and then create a plan with you to meet your appearance goals.

We don’t believe that there is ever just one way to improve whatever it is that concerns you, but there is often a better option for you at a particular time, based on how quickly you need to “look good”, how much “downtime” you can afford, what your fears are or what your budget will allow. Your needs and situation are unique and we understand that your customized care plan needs to reflect that.

Dr. Ehlert and her staff are here to educate and advise you and then create with you a plan to reverse sun damage, replace volume loss and treat sagging skin, unwanted fat, lines or blotchiness. Dr. Ehlert will do whatever is appropriate and what you feel comfortable with to make you happier when you look in the mirror.