The New Patient Experience

We want you to know how much we value getting to know you and how seriously we take your trust in us. We will provide you with the best in medical care, comfortably and confidentially.

After you’ve scheduled your consultation a packet will be sent to you that tells you about us along with a form for you to complete that will tell us about you.

When you arrive for your first visit, you will be greeted warmly and a nurse specialist will review your completed new patient form and ask you follow-up questions to clarify or elaborate on your medical history and what it is that brings you to see us.

You will then visit with Dr. Ehlert who will ask what it is that concerns you and what treatments you may have already tried. She’ll want to discover why you are seeking her opinion at this particular time and what it is you hope to achieve.

After examining you, Dr. Ehlert will outline treatment options and together you will begin to formulate a Customized Care Plan. Your lifestyle, available downtime and budget will all be considered. We want you to be happier with your appearance and will work with you to achieve that.

Before we finish, photos will be taken to be kept in your confidential medical record. You will meet again with one of our nurse specialists who will perform a thorough skin assessment, review with you the treatment plan outlined by Dr. Ehlert and give you written information on procedures in which you have an interest.

A nurse specialist will call you soon after your consultation to answer questions or to clarify for you information that you were given. However, you may call us at any time. We want you to have all of the information you need prior to treatment or as you make a decision about what path you wish to pursue.

Your comfort and care are our priority.