Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Ehlert makes me feel accepted and understood: no judgement of my concerns or insecurities. She makes me feel optimistic that I can age “gracefully.” – Peggy, 60+

I first started coming to Dr. Ehlert in 1994! At that time I was very concerned about acne scars. I started out having a mid-level peel. I later had eyelid and facial surgery and now I am a big fan of non-invasive treatments to help me look my best as I age.

Dr. Ehlert definitely has an ‘artist touch’ and that can make a lot of difference. She has such a commanding knowledge of facial structure and facial aesthetics, she can literally sculpt a face with cosmetic products, procedures and technology. I’ll be honest, I’ve occasionally been drawn to other practices due to an exceptional “sale” but the results I’ve achieved with Dr. Ehlert have been consistently outstanding and superior.

Surgery was certainly the most dramatic treatment I’ve had, but I still like mid-level peels and I’ve been very happy with the results I’ve gotten with Thermage.

I like seeing Dr. Ehlert for so many reasons! I know I will be more than pleased with the results of my treatments. I know that with her I’ll be understood and not judged in any way. Dr. Ehlert and her staff see the “whole me” not just the “physical me”. I appreciate being seen on-time and the quick follow-up and quick response if I have a concern. I also appreciate that Dr. Ehlert and her staff do service and mission work for those less fortunate than us.

I feel confident in the expertise of Dr. Ehlert and her staff and know that I am valued as a ‘consumer-friend’.

“I like that she makes you feel that you don’t have to look your age but you don’t have to look like a 20 year old.” – Ivonne, MD

“I first saw Dr. Ehlert in 1993. My son was getting married and another plastic surgeon referred me to her. Over the years we’ve dealt with lines around my mouth, crow’s feet, laugh lines, and then laxity in my skin. The combination of Thermage and Radiesse (alternative “facelift”) has had the greatest impact for me. I could see the improvement very quickly.

As a physician myself, I like that Dr. Ehlert doesn’t follow every fad. She studies everything first and makes sure things are right for every patient. She looks out for her patient’s. She’s up to date and she’ll tell you what’s good out there and what’s not so good. I like that she makes you feel that you don’t have to look your age but you don’t have to look like a 20 year old.”

“Dr. Ehlert focuses on your overall well-being. She’s concerned about her patients and very supportive. She and her staff go the extra mile.” – Barb

“I first heard Dr. Ehlert when she gave a presentation at my beauty shop. It was very informative and I liked her. At that time I was working, starting a new company, and I had to go out and give presentations. I hated the wrinkling around my eyes and my dry skin.

I have had some procedures, like Thermage, etc. but my favorite procedure is a peel every three months. Peels made a huge difference in my skin. Peels are so different from facials! They’ve helped my skin tremendously. Friends compliment me. Some people pay nearly as much for a facial and get nowhere near the impact.

Dr. Ehlert always wants to make sure you’re happy with a procedure. She and her staff go above and beyond normal care. You hear about horror stories at other places, but I have confidence in Dr. Ehlert and I’ve been nothing but pleased.”

“I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s fabulous.” – Fran

“I started seeing Dr. Ehlert in 1996. I was getting over breast cancer, chemo and radiation. My skin wasn’t looking good and my dermatologist recommended her. Chemo does terrible things to your skin and I felt like I needed something. She started doing light peels, but what I remember most was how supportive she was of what I was going through. It was a rough time in my life and she helped a lot.

She actually found skin cancer on my face. I thought it was just a little red spot, but she knew right away. What a blessing. It didn’t seem like anything at the time and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten it checked out.

I like that she’s concerned about you as a person – personally, individually. Like when I went through the skin cancer, I was very anxious and depressed. She would sit down and talk to me trying to understand, very sweet. She must have taken a good 30-45 minutes to just sit and talk to me about getting through it. When you go through cancer you feel like you did something to cause it. She got me through that to make me feel like I didn’t do anything. She was so wonderful.”

“Dr. Ehlert has made me feel so much better about myself.” – Kim, 46 (peels, under-eye fillers, Botox)

“I love Dr. Ehlert’s office. It’s not a clinical atmosphere but very professional. I feel very comfortable with her. She shows a lot of empathy for what you have going on. She explains things in a way you can understand. There’s something about her … you don’t feel nervous. It’s over an hour drive from where I live but I look forward to going there. She doesn’t rush.

I have vitiligo. The peels and skin care have been very helpful and I love their makeup. The biggest thing, though, has been my eyes. I thought I needed surgery, but fillers under my eyes have made a huge difference. I couldn’t believe how much that and Botox lifted and brightened my face. I look very natural and I get compliments.

I was afraid I couldn’t handle getting old. She makes me believe that I can do it. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“She made a believer out of me.” – Bridget, 52 (Skin Care, peels, AFT, Dysport, fillers and Latisse)

“Before I went to Dr. Ehlert I was laying in suntan beds three times a week! I don’t go near them anymore. She helped me make quite a few changes in my lifestyle.

I really like how everybody in the office knows who you are when you come in the front door. They care on a personal level. It’s not just a doctor/patient relationship. Dr. Ehlert is interested in each patient as a person first. She wants to help you, understand what your needs are.

I first went to see Dr. Ehlert for Botox because I wasn’t happy where I had been going. Over time we started talking about other options. I couldn’t be happier with the results. She helped me get ready for my wedding.

I tell you, it’s not for sissies this getting older stuff! Dr. Ehlert has really helped me understand the importance of skin care and she knows what works best for your situation. It’s not a cookie-cutter system, they tailor it to your individual needs.

If anybody asks me where to go, she’d be the first person I’d send them to, without a doubt.”

“I got married on May 27, 2012 and because of Dr. Ehlert and her staff I was a beautiful bride!

I first saw Dr. Ehlert on the recommendation of a friend who is also a patient of hers. I had my eyes done in 2009 and I loved the result!

I grew up in Texas and tanned until I was 32. Dr. Ehlert has helped me with the dark spots and redness that came from all that sun. She also addressed the frown line between my eyes.

Dr. Ehlert continues to keep up with all the new treatments available and she researches them completely before offering them to her patients. Sometimes she will take a ‘wait and see’ attitude because she feels it needs more time.

Dr. Ehlert is interested in helping you look your best and still look like yourself – only better! She’s interested in you as a person as well as a patient. Her office staff is wonderful and it’s a joy to go to her office. Dr. Ehlert is not only my doctor, I feel that she’s a wonderful friend.

A friend once told me ‘Getting older is not for sissies!’ But because of Dr. Ehlert I know that whatever age I am I will look the best I possibly can but still look like me.

Recently, my husband and I were out for Sunday lunch. Out of the blue he looked at me and said ‘I love what Dr. Ehlert has done for your face! You look beautiful and not a day older than 50.’ I think that says it ALL.”

“I see significant improvement. I’m very thankful.” – S.R., 60+ (AFT, Thermage, light skin peels, skin care)

“I appreciate my experience with Dr. Ehlert and her staff. I’m thrilled that I can tap into their expertise. I’m in the medical field and they always seem to be exploring new options, new products, new technology.

Dr. Ehlert supports you. It feels, and I believe, is quite genuine. She has a way of making you see possibilities that are realistic.  She gives you options and you make your decision. She’s not pushy.

It’s not the same recipe for everyone. Believe me, I’ve seen significant improvement.”

“Because Dr. Ehlert is a surgeon, she knows so much more about facial structure and how I’m going to age. I count on her to help me head things off at the pass. “ Susan, 48 (Thermage, fillers, Dysport, Mid-level peel, light skin peels, skin care, Pixel laser, AFT)

“I want to age gracefully and slowly. I’m so glad there are things that I can do to slow the process. Dr. Ehlert looks to me to tell her what bothers me and then gives me recommendations. We make a short term plan and a long-term plan, based on what I need. Dr. Ehlert listens and tailors the plan to me. She isn’t cookie-cutter.

Hearing what some of my friends are doing at spas or with estheticians –it’s scary! I’d never go anywhere but here. What I have here is the best!  I like that Dr. Ehlert cares and she does extensive research on treatments. She doesn’t follow fads. I also like that she has nurses helping her, RNs, who she’s trained really well. I can trust everyone here.

I’ve done really well with lots of treatments. I love the immediate results of Dysport and fillers but I think I like Thermage the best. It does what no other procedure can. It tightens and lifts without surgery giving you a youthful appearance without downtime and the results are long-lasting.

I like that the office is small and discreet. I like that except for light peels, Dr. Ehlert does all the treatments herself. Dr. Ehlert is just the best.”

“She’s exceedingly honest.” – Sue (Thermage, AFT, Radiesse, fillers)

“She takes a conservative approach and that’s key to me. I think she’s highly professional, always timely and her staff is charming and delightful. I like her.

Dr. Ehlert is exceedingly honest with cost and time and what the treatment will and won’t do. She’s not pushy and never sells her goods; the treatments speak for themselves. I think if someone wanted more than what was appropriate, she wouldn’t do it. I never have to worry about walking out of there looking like a fright.

Thermage has had the most impact for me. I don’t mind getting older. I just want to soften the process.”