Over the past few years Dr. Ehlert has discovered that non-surgical treatments have become, for more and more of her patients, not a prelude to or “add-on” to surgery, but the “main event”. Performing these procedures artfully and well takes skill and judgment. Excellence in non-surgical treatment is Dr. Ehlert’s passion and her focus is on non-surgical treatments designed to reverse sun-damage, restore skin health and rejuvenate the aging face.

The treatments Dr. Ehlert performs can often substitute for surgery or delay the need for surgical intervention. Non-surgical treatments also serve as a beautiful complement to cosmetic surgery.

As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who matured in practice as all of the current non-surgical options were being developed, Dr. Ehlert is uniquely qualified to help you determine which procedures or treatment options are best for you.

No treatment is insignificant and each is very technique dependent. Dr. Ehlert  provides the care, judgment and expertise you need to achieve the natural, refreshed appearance you desire – safely, and with compassion.

Please be aware that the information presented on the website is not all-inclusive and is not meant to take the place of a consultation with or diagnosis by Dr. Ehlert or another qualified physician. The material presented herein is informational only.