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Dr. Ehlert performs nearly 3000 non-surgical rejuvenation treatments each year.

Non-invasive treatments can often prevent or delay the need for cosmetic surgery, can provide some of the same improvement as surgery and result in some benefits that surgery cannot provide. Dr. Ehlert offers and performs the following non-invasive treatment options:


Botox and Dysport


Mid-Level Skin Peels

Pixel Laser


“Alternative” Facelift

Dr. Ehlert is passionate about excellence in non-invasive treatments. She believes that who performs these procedures, how they are performed and the judgment and skill that they require are each vitally important to ensuring a safe, natural-looking, optimal result.

Many non-surgical treatments are performed together or in tandem (Botox® and filler injections, peels and AFT, Thermage® and Radiesse®) and often, a combination of procedures will produce the best results. Dr. Ehlert’s goal is to maintain and enhance your natural beauty and to leave you looking “like you don’t need it, not like you just had it!”