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“Botox (neurotoxin) injections probably have the highest patient-satisfaction of any cosmetic treatment I perform. The improvement in appearance and comfort can be amazing.” – Tamara Ehlert, MD

Botox Cosmetic (OnabotulinumtoxinA), and Dysport are neurotoxins, medications that temporarily stop injected muscles from contracting which can:

  • soften crows feet
  • improve or eliminate frown lines (deep lines between the eyebrows)
  • lift the eyebrows (called a “chemical browlift”)
  • allow more eyelid to be visible
  • relax forehead wrinkles
  • create a less tired, more relaxed and open look around the eyes
  • improve lipstick lines
  • improve chin puckering
  • improve downturned corners of the mouth
  • soften some neck bands

Dr. Ehlert patient before and after Botox treatment of crow’s feet

Dr. Ehlert Procedure - Before Before
Dr. Ehlert Procedure - After After

The primary misconception about Botox is that if you use it you will look “fake” or “frozen”. When done well, Botox treatments look natural and make you look “like you don’t need it, not like you just had it.”

A good outcome from Botox treatment is very technique dependent. The best results and fewest unwanted effects come from injections performed by someone who is highly skilled and who has an intricate understanding of facial muscles and anatomy. For that reason, Dr. Ehlert performs all Botox injections herself.

Botox treatment is performed after application of a topical anesthetic and small ice packs. After treatment we ask that you contract the injected muscles for an  hour and that you not bend at the waist or lie down for 4 hours.

Dr. Ehlert sees all Botox patients in follow up 7-14 days after treatment so she can “tweak” the treatment, if necessary. This results in a better outcome and a longer-lasting effect for her patients.

DYSPORTTM (AbobotulinumtoxinA) is a similar medications to Botox and is used for many of the same conditions.

Dr. Ehlert may have a preference for one medication over another in certain areas or in certain circumstances based on patient anatomy, reaction to previous use of another agent or muscle activity. Each of these agents carry the same risks and benefits as Botox Cosmetic.

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