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Most women (and many men) would love to get rid of unwanted hair – on the lip, the chin, under the arms and even on the earlobes. You can pluck, wax, shave, use chemicals or try electrolysis but many people are turning to hair reduction treatments using light-based sources, often lumped under the term “laser hair removal.”

Dr. Ehlert uses a system of Intense Pulsed Light for hair reduction treatment. A band of light selectively damages hair follicles in treated areas and reduces re-growth.

Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve optimal, long-term hair reduction.

This system cannot be used on persons of color or in Caucasians who have tanned skin (real or artificial) until the tan has faded. Complete elimination of unwanted hair is not possible with this or any other device and only dark hair will be effectively treated with this or most other hair reduction systems.

For your comfort we use topical anesthetic on the skin prior to treatment and cold, blown air (Zimmer) throughout treatment.