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Thermage is the FDA approved, Gold Standard in skin-tightening technology. Thermage uses non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy to firm the skin. Dr. Ehlert uses Thermage to improve:

  • Mild-moderate skin laxity
  • Jowling
  • Mild-moderate “turkey waddle”
  • Droopy brows
  • Crepey eyelids/under-eyes
  • Crepey neck
  • Facial wrinkles

Photos: Dr. Ehlert patient with jowls/turkey waddle before and improved jawline/neck 3 months after treatment

As we age collagen fibers become like rubberbands that have been stretched too often – long, thin and floppy. Skin begins to look thin and saggy. Thermage is a way to direct moderate heat into the collagen layer of the skin which stimulates new collagen production and causes old collagen to contract (tighten) and become more plump.

Thermage treatment has been shown to provide a smoother jawline, less sagging under the chin, a firmer neckline and modest brow elevation.

Thermage is not a substitute for surgery (facelift, browlift) but may be a very reasonable alternative for changes that don’t yet warrant surgery, for those who have had surgery and want to maintain their surgical result or for those who might benefit from surgery but just “don’t want to go there.”

Using the latest CPT technology and the new Total Tip, Dr. Ehlert can now perform Thermage comfortably without any pre-medication. Improvement is often seen immediately and gets better in the 3-6 months following treatment. Results can last for several years and a single treatment can yield improvement, but Dr. Ehlert has found that repeating the treatment, over time, allows continued improvement and can slow the rate of visible aging of the face. There is no downtime with Thermage treatment and there are no restrictions on activity following Thermage. Focused treatments on smaller areas using Exilis ELITE Skin Tightening is another great way to maintain the benefits of Thermage.

A good result from Thermage is dependent on the number of pulses used, the energy settings, age of the equipment and who performs the treatment. Dr. Ehlert uses the most current Thermage technology, the tips with the highest pulse count and performs every Thermage treatment herself.

When combined with Radiesse and other injectables, Thermage can be an integral part of an Alternative “Facelift.”


Dr. Ehlert uses a small, specialized tip to perform Thermage treatment on the upper and lower eyelids to firm and tighten crepey skin. Eyelid Thermage is often performed at the same time as Thermage Face/Neck, but can be done separately. Eyelid Thermage can also be combined with peri-orbital (around the eye) treatment with Exilis ELITE Skin Tightening to diminish crow’s feet, dark circles and under eye hollows.

Photos: Dr. Ehlert patient before and after eyelid Thermage (note brow elevation and better lid definition)


Thermage is also FDA approved for treatment of skin laxity on the body and cellulite. A different, larger tip is used for body treatment and can help with the following:

  • Sagging abdominal skin
  • Saggy skin on thighs and arms
  • Mild cellulite

Photos: Dr. Ehlert patient with skin laxity before and firmer tummy skin after Thermage

More than a single treatment provides better results on body areas. Using CPT technology, no anesthetic or pain medication is required and there is no downtime and no restrictions on activity following treatment.

Exilis ELITE Skin Tightening treatment with or without Exilis ELITE Fat Reduction treatment is also an excellent way to firm lax skin on the tummy or other body areas.

Body Thermage is not a substitute for surgery (liposuction, “tummy tuck”) and the improvement in cellulite is not permanent.

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