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Jane Iredale 100% Mineral Makeup is the perfect extension of a physician-directed skin care program. Unlike other cosmetics that can irritate the skin with perfumes and dyes and plug the pores with talc and oils, Jane Iredale is a full-line of 100% mineral-based cosmetics formulated for even the most sensitive skin without oil, talc, FD7C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens or fragrance.

Jane Iredale 100% Mineral Makeup is pure, natural and non-irritating. Because pure minerals provide intense color with even light application, Jane Iredale makeup gives you excellent coverage without looking heavy. Great color-matches are possible for even hard-to-match skin and the makeup breathes, makes your skin look dewy fresh and also provides sun protection.

Dr. Ehlert carries a full line of Jane Iredale 100% Mineral Cosmetics and her registered nurse skin care specialists are well-trained in the art of color-matching and makeup application.

For more information: www.janeiredale.com