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As skin ages, many bothersome little “skin things” (lesions) can develop. Most of these are not worrisome but they can certainly be irritating or unsightly. The lesions Dr. Ehlert treats include:

  • Moles
  • Skin tags
  • Seborrheic keratoses
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Inlusion cysts (“skin pearls”) or milia
  • Sun spots
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Acne Scars

Photos:Hemangioma of a Dr. Ehlert patient before excision and forehead scar 5 months after excision.



Dr. Ehlert works closely with a number of excellent dermatologists who can help you if a lesion is thought to be pre-cancerous or an actual skin cancer, and she is happy to assist you by treating benign lesions in a number of ways:

Excision – moles that have been present for a long time and have not changed but which you find cosmetically unappealing can be removed surgically in Dr. Ehlert’s office. Dr. Ehlert will tell you if the resultant scar will be a better trade-off than the mole, places the incision so as to minimize scarring and closes the skin in layers to create as fine and inconspicuous a scar as possible.

Chicken-pox scars and some acne scars can also be excised.

Shave – some lesions can be shaved off of the skin flush with the normal skin around them. Only lesions of certain types and in certain locations can be treated this way but these can often heal “as if nothing was ever there”. Biopsies of suspicious lesions can also sometimes be performed using a “shave”.

Cauterization/Abrasion – many annoying skin lesions are benign seborrheic keratoses that can be treated with light cauterization (heating) which lifts them from the skin so they can be removed by abrasion with a damp gauze.

Unroofing – milia or inclusion cysts that look like small, white pearls under the skin can be removed by Dr. Ehlert with very little trauma and rapid healing.

Spot TCA – very early pre-cancerous lesions and some sun-spots can be treated with application of a medication called trichloroacetic acid. The spot then turns brown and flakes off the skin in several days.

*Dr. Ehlert is not currently accepting new patients for minor surgical procedures. These services are available to established patients.