Patient Testimonial

  • Patient Name: Barb

“Dr. Ehlert focuses on your overall well-being. She’s concerned about her patients and very supportive. She and her staff go the extra mile.” – Barb

“I first heard Dr. Ehlert when she gave a presentation at my beauty shop. It was very informative and I liked her. At that time I was working, starting a new company, and I had to go out and give presentations. I hated the wrinkling around my eyes and my dry skin.

I have had some procedures, like Thermage, etc. but my favorite procedure is a peel every three months. Peels made a huge difference in my skin. Peels are so different from facials! They’ve helped my skin tremendously. Friends compliment me. Some people pay nearly as much for a facial and get nowhere near the impact.

Dr. Ehlert always wants to make sure you’re happy with a procedure. She and her staff go above and beyond normal care. You hear about horror stories at other places, but I have confidence in Dr. Ehlert and I’ve been nothing but pleased.”

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