Patient Testimonial

  • Patient Name: Bridget

  • Age: 52
  • Procedures: Skin care, peels, AFT, Dysport, fillers, Latisse

“She made a believer out of me.” – Bridget, 52 (Skin Care, peels, AFT, Dysport, fillers and Latisse)

“Before I went to Dr. Ehlert I was laying in suntan beds three times a week! I don’t go near them anymore. She helped me make quite a few changes in my lifestyle.

I really like how everybody in the office knows who you are when you come in the front door. They care on a personal level. It’s not just a doctor/patient relationship. Dr. Ehlert is interested in each patient as a person first. She wants to help you, understand what your needs are.

I first went to see Dr. Ehlert for Botox because I wasn’t happy where I had been going. Over time we started talking about other options. I couldn’t be happier with the results. She helped me get ready for my wedding.

I tell you, it’s not for sissies this getting older stuff! Dr. Ehlert has really helped me understand the importance of skin care and she knows what works best for your situation. It’s not a cookie-cutter system, they tailor it to your individual needs.

If anybody asks me where to go, she’d be the first person I’d send them to, without a doubt.”

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