Patient Testimonial

  • Patient Name: Fran

“I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s fabulous.” – Fran

“I started seeing Dr. Ehlert in 1996. I was getting over breast cancer, chemo and radiation. My skin wasn’t looking good and my dermatologist recommended her. Chemo does terrible things to your skin and I felt like I needed something. She started doing light peels, but what I remember most was how supportive she was of what I was going through. It was a rough time in my life and she helped a lot.

She actually found skin cancer on my face. I thought it was just a little red spot, but she knew right away. What a blessing. It didn’t seem like anything at the time and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten it checked out.

I like that she’s concerned about you as a person – personally, individually. Like when I went through the skin cancer, I was very anxious and depressed. She would sit down and talk to me trying to understand, very sweet. She must have taken a good 30-45 minutes to just sit and talk to me about getting through it. When you go through cancer you feel like you did something to cause it. She got me through that to make me feel like I didn’t do anything. She was so wonderful.”

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