Patient Testimonial

  • Patient Name: Olivia

  • Age: 66
  • Procedures: Eyelid surgery, Thermage, Dysport, Radiesse, fillers, peels, AFT

“I got married on May 27, 2012 and because of Dr. Ehlert and her staff I was a beautiful bride!” Olivia, 66 (Eyelid surgery, Thermage, Dysport, Radiesse, fillers, peels, AFT)

I first saw Dr. Ehlert on the recommendation of a friend who is also a patient of hers. I had my eyes done in 2009 and I loved the result!

I grew up in Texas and tanned until I was 32. Dr. Ehlert has helped me with the dark spots and redness that came from all that sun. She also addressed the frown line between my eyes.

Dr. Ehlert continues to keep up with all the new treatments available and she researches them completely before offering them to her patients. Sometimes she will take a ‘wait and see’ attitude because she feels it needs more time.

Dr. Ehlert is interested in helping you look your best and still look like yourself – only better! She’s interested in you as a person as well as a patient. Her office staff is wonderful and it’s a joy to go to her office. Dr. Ehlert is not only my doctor, I feel that she’s a wonderful friend.

A friend once told me ‘Getting older is not for sissies!’ But because of Dr. Ehlert I know that whatever age I am I will look the best I possibly can but still look like me.

Recently, my husband and I were out for Sunday unch. Out of the blue he looked at me and said ‘I love what Dr. Ehlert has done for your face! You look beautiful and not a day older than 50.’ I think that says it ALL.”

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