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 Ehlert knows that her patients want to stay informed about the latest products and procedures, in-office events, vendor rebates and what Dr. Ehlert and her staff are doing in the office, community and around the world. So, “The Buzz” is where we report what’s new and newsworthy:

PCA Hydrating Mask

Try the at-home Hydrating Mask from PCA. Hydrate and soothe while improving the skin’s barrier with this luxurious moisturizing mask. Added calming agents reduce irritation. Skin feels instantly softer and more hydrated.

• Skin is calmed and soothed with oat milk extract that helps retain essential moisture
• Arnica Montana flower extract and cucumber extract provide additional calming benefits
• Deep hydration from panthenol, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate58.00
Ask our nurses if Hydrating Mask is right for you?
Also available from PCA Pore Refining Treatment Detoxifying Mask